‘Mad Max’ine Waters Just Threw Her Fellow Dems Under The Bus & FLUSHED HER CARRER DOWN THE DRAIN In One Fell Swoop!



VIA| Maxine Waters is as ridiculous as the Democrats come in their attempt to try and take down President Trump, but she just set a new bar.

Waters tried to lie on public television and even MSNBC was compelled to fact check her and blow her lies out of the water.

Waters is done after this!

Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC to talk about her statements regarding President Trump’s impeachment.

She has called for this multiple times even though President Trump hasn’t broken any laws.

She was asked what impeachable offenses that President Trump has done and her reaction is priceless.

She immediately froze up and tried to claim that she never called for President Trump’s impeachment!

Maxine Waters was just forced to eat her own lies by none other than lying MSNBC. Even the liberal media is tired of her lies.

MSNBC Melvin: “Should we wait to call for impeachment until we have answers…?”

Maxine Waters: “I have not called for impeachment! Uh uh uh…”

Melvin: “You said I’m going to fight everyday until he’s impeached…that’s what you tweeted.”

Maxine Waters just destroyed herself and made sure not even the Democrats will believe her anymore.

Leave it to the Democrats to make to destroy themselves.

It was only a matter of time before Maxine Waters’s lies caught up to her. She could only go for so long before she messed up this badly.

Maxine Waters just lost every one of her last supporters because she stands for everything that is wrong with our government.

The lies, the thieving, and the incompetence. These are the things that Maxine Waters stands for and exactly why her career is finished for good.

Share this everywhere to make sure Maxine Waters has to keep reliving her own self-destruction.

Watch her flush her career away here: