BUSTED: Sanders AND His Wife JUST Accused Of Corruption, Immediately Does Something UNBELIEVABLE



VIA| Well, this is awkward. Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane just lawyered up to defend themselves against an FBI investigation into possible fraud and political corruption linked to Jane’s position as president of Burlington College.

Politico recently came out with an explosive report on the controversy surrounding the Sanders. There is a lot to unpack, and despite the investigation going on for nearly a year, both the press and Sanders have avoided talking about it. Here are the main allegations:

  • Jane Sanders might have purposefully lied about how much money Burlington College had to secure a $10 million loan. She said the college had $2 million in pledged donations, when in fact it had less than $1 million.
  • Bernie Sanders may have used his political influence to secure the $10 million loan, which the bank approved despite the college’s obviously precarious financial state.

Jane Sanders became president of the college in 2004, and soon after began a legacy project that was supposed to grow the college’s campus size and student body. The college was very small, with roughly 200 students, no endowment, and an operating budget of about $4 million a year.

Despite the precarious financial position of the college, Jane wanted to buy a 33-acre lakefront property for $10 million, which would then need to be renovated for millions more. You don’t need to be an accountant to realize this kind of purchase made no financial sense.

Somehow, the bank loan was approved. The college closed down in 2016 when it inevitably could not make good on its loan payments.

The question is, did Jane Sanders lie about how much money the college had, and did Bernie Sanders use his position as a Senator to pressure the bank that approved the loan?

The Sanders are denying all allegations, but the FBI investigation is on-going and Liberty Writers will be following the results very closely. The mainstream media is unsurprisingly very quiet about issues swirling around Sanders- So share this 10,000 times to get this news out to everyone!